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  • Embrace The Fluff Protein Waffle

    Golden brown protein waffles topped with our fluff mixture (marshmellows, cream cheese, and truvia), and peanut butter. Fluffanutta for the win!!!!    

    $5.50 Order
  • Maui Chicken

    Chicken in our sweet pineapple barbeque sauce with pineapples chunks, onions, and peppers served on top of rice  

    $7.00$8.50 Order
  • Blue Collar Barbell Smashed Potato

    A white potato smashed and stuffed with pulled steak, our cheese dream sauce, low-fat mixed cheese and our signature barbeque sauce. OH and crispy turkey bacon.        

    $8.50 Order
  • The Gobbler

    Hand- made 4oz turkey patties mixed with our seasoning blend, topped with peppers and onions, low-fat mozzarella cheese and our signature sweet chili sauce.    

    $7.00 Order
  • All Stuffed Up Sweet Potato

    A sweet potato stuffed with pulled chicken topped with sugar free maple syrup, low-fat mixed cheese and our signature barbeque sauce    

    $7.00 Order
  • All About That Cake Overnight Oats

    Rolled oats mixed with our cake batter mixture, protein powder, coconut milk, sugar-free multi colored sprinkles, topped with sugar free whipped cream and sprinkles chilled over night to perfection. Parties Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

    $5.50 Order
  • Cookies and Scream Protein Waffle

    Golden brown protein waffles infused with our cookies and cream mixture topped with our home-made sugar free whip cream, sugar-free chocolate syrup and an crème cookie    

    $5.50 Order
  • Swole Nuggs – Chicken Parmesan

    Air fried protein battered chicken nuggets drenched in our signature marinara  sauce topped with low fat mozzarella cheese served over a bed of rice  

    $7.00$8.50 Order
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