Maintaining or achieving a healthy weight is not so easy now days especially when food is available everywhere.

In fact, eating low calories on daily basis can lead to many physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Here we will discuss the effects of too low calories.

Low Energy Level

 Enough Calorie intakes are necessary for your body to function properly. If you do not take enough calories daily it can cause fatigue. Low-calorie intake mostly affects older peoples because they already facing low appetite.

Hair fall

In some cases, hair loss occurs due to the loss of calories in your daily diet. It is normal to have one or a few strands of hairs on your comb daily. But if you notice the increased amount of hair fall daily then it may be a symptom that you are not eating a good amount of calories. There are many nutrition’s needed to maintain healthy hair growth such as biotin, proteins, and iron. 

Constant Hunger

If you feel constantly hungry or you feel some craving all the time it means you are not taking enough calories in your diet. Constant hunger can also lead to low sugar levels, fatigue, and low energy.

Inability to get pregnant

If you do not take enough calories you will become weak and lose the ability to get pregnant. Healthy nutrients and a balanced diet are very necessary to get pregnant. So, make sure that you have to eat a high-calorie healthy diet before planning your baby.

Feeling Cold

If you are feeling cold all the time and you don’t have a fever then it is a sign that you are taking low calories in your diet.

Effecting too low of calories may cause worse health issues. You should not take too high or too low calories in your diet. For a healthy body plan a good calorie diet.